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Why You Should Pay Attention to your Manners

Manners say a lot of things about you. They tell people who you are and what kind of family you are from. They convey how you are brought up. They demonstrate your level of education and self-control. They sum up what kind of person you are. Hence, it is important that you should pay attention to them because your manners are the greatest assessment of your character and behavior.

Manners represent love and kindness. They signify refinement. A family that speaks kindly to one another is an enviable household. It shows that they consider everyone’s thoughts and feelings – an important requisite to live harmoniously. As most people say, everything starts at home. If you live in a home filled with love and belongingness, other people will surely recognize it.

Having refined manners can make you rise above others and communicate yourself with better sense. You can be who or what you want to be. Manners can beat your insecurities, help you gain friends, and make you admirable. People want to be around you when you behave properly. They like you. They can easily warm up to you. They think you are awesome.

If you have manners, etiquette will follow. Although they are not one and the same, they are both necessary to build and improve your relationships with strangers, friends, family and colleagues. Manners are the effect of a kind heart. Etiquette is a customary code of polite behavior. It is difficult to have one without the other.

Now that the importance of manners and etiquette has been established, ask yourself. Do you have good manners? Do you practice proper etiquette? If your answer is yes, keep it up. If your answer is no, keep this in mind. It is never too early or too late to learn good manners and proper etiquette. Enroll in programs and attend classes to start building better relationships and living well.


Top 5 Job Interview Tips for New College Graduates

Job interview etiquette plays an important part in landing your dream work. Your attitude and behavior towards other people is just as important as your resume, skills and training, and experience. How you dress and communicate with the interviewer can make a difference in the outcome of the conversation. Here are the top 5 interview tips you should follow to ensure that you make the best impression on the questioner.

  1. Dress conservatively and accordingly. Whether you are applying for a job in a fast-food restaurant or a prestigious corporation, dressing up is a strategy that always works. It shows that you respect the individual or organization. This leaves an impression to your potential employer that you respect them and the workplace.
  2. Do not forget to smile. Job interviews should be taken seriously, yes, but do not be too serious. It is a good idea to crack a smile every once in a while. A smile shows that you are confident and have a pleasant nature. It invites other people to get to know you and increases your chances of getting hired. Happy people are productive. That is why companies want to hire them.
  3. Do not underestimate the power of body language. Interviewers do not only notice the words that come out from your mouth and the smile you put on your lips, but also interpret your interest in the job vacancy by the way you move. During interviews, you need to sit up straight and keep your feet firmly on the ground. A relaxed pose does not show confidence but a lack of respect. More importantly, make eye contact because it shows you pay attention to what others have to say.
  4. Value the importance of proper table talk. After shaking hands with the interviewers, stand behind a chair until they invite you to sit down. Do not place personal items in your desk and turn your cellphone off. You may place your portfolio in front of you. If they offer you a drink, decline politely. Follow these tips to avoid giving the impression that you are rude and self-important.
  5. Use an exit strategy.When the interview is over, restate your interest in the job and say thank you. Shake hands and make eye contact with everyone in the area. Try to address them by their names. Lastly, stop in the outer office to thank everyone who greeted or escorted you. This one’s not a strategy, just good manners.

If you want to make an impression and increase your chances of getting the job, you should pay attention to the little things. Appreciate and respect the interviewers for their time and the job vacancy. This and the above job interview tips may move you on top of the candidate list.


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